Polycarbonate Easyview Rollershutters

Easyview Polycarbonate Rollershutters

Our range of Commercial rollershutters is complimented with this smart and attractive Easyview Polycarbonate Aluminium slatted door type 

this shutter is ideal for shop fronts & commercial applications requiring a visual appearance


  • Slat Profile
  • Heavy Duty Double walled 34mm Aluminium Extrusion 
  •  Transparent 38mm UV Polycarbonate
  • Maximum shutter width 4400 / Max Height 3000
  • Fully retractable Head Box design giving clean looks


  • Residential Verandah & Patio enclosures 
  • Terrace restaurants & Cafes 
  • Counter tops & Serverys 
  • Commercial Shops fronts & Entries 
  • Motorized Operation ( Using Simu Remote or Key switch activation )’
  • Natural Anadized or Powderoated slat finishes available
  • Heavy Duty 68mm Guides for commercial application