Bar Panel Custom Sectional Doors

Bar Panel Sectional Doors / Tiltgates

Our bar panel sectionals are manufactured with a square aluminum frame ( or galvanized frame for tiltgates )
With a choice of 19mm round or square aluminum horizontal or vertical bars, custom design doors can also  be manufactured to suit  your own design and requirements.
This door type is ideal for carports or basement carparks that require a ventilation or open style door
Bar panel sectional doors are the idea choice for councils that require open style doors for visual restricted areas
This door type can be complimented with a choice of Perspex, polycarbonate , or perforated sheeting fixed to the rear of the frame for added security .

Our sectionals are available in  powdercoated or custom painted finishes to a colour of your choice.
Remote control option is recommended for this door type. See motors.

All our products are available with the option to attach a motorized system.

Please view the attached links to view motor options available from our recommended suppliers. Contact us for further product information.

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