Garage Roller Doors That Enhance Your Home



If you are talking about garage roller doors in Western Australia, there is one name that will crop up over and over again – WA Roller Doors. Ours is the name that first comes to mind, because we have been operating in the Perth area for more than a quarter century. That is why everyone knows that we are the first people to go to for garage doors.

Our Quality Products

We specialise in roller garage doors, both for homes and for large and small industrial plants. These doors can be operated by motorised remote control to make them really easy to use. They are built from Bluescope Colorbond steel, an iconic brand that is the first choice for Australian homes, to ensure its durability. Our doors have a galvanised finish for extra protection and come in a choice of no fewer than eight beautiful colours.

If a roller door does not suit your style of home, we have a range of stunning sectional overhead doors, which will complement either an ultra-modern contemporary house or a home in a period style. The Fineline sectional door has a wood grain texture, and can be supplied in cedar wood colours as well as the range of Colorbond shades, while the Ribline sectional door comes with an attractive shiplap board effect. We also have a selection of lovely Classic sectional doors, for a more traditional style of home.


It is noticeable that more and more people are installing our roller garage doors because of their countless benefits. Many people go for them just for their appearance alone — they are so clean cut and unfussy, and the deep-pressed squareline profile makes them exceptionally stylish. They will really make people look twice at your house. Of course, the benefits go far beyond their appearance. Being made of galvanised steel, the doors are completely maintenance free. They will never rust, and you will never need to paint them. The really great thing about these doors is their convenience. You can have them fitted with a motorised remote control, so you can open and close them at the touch of a button. Imagine not having to get out of your car to open your garage door, when you get home at night.

The other big advantage, of course, is the space. Because the door rolls up at the top, it doesn’t take up space, inside or outside your garage. You have the extra roof space to hang your tools in, and you can park the car right up to the garage door — great if you have a short driveway. There is an extra plus for you if you have a big car, or a 4-wheel drive. The old-style garage doors had a frame that reduced the size of the opening, so some bigger cars had trouble getting in and out. With roller doors, the whole door space is available, giving you much more room to manoeuvre.

Our sectional doors come with a lot of the same benefits. They are similar in style — they just open and close in separate panel sections. They enhance the appearance of your home just as much, and they are just as convenient if you have limited space, as they operate vertically without protruding outwards.