Commercial Roller Shutters: How to Protect Your Business

As a business owner, whether your own a small lock-up shop or garage, or a large factory, car park or office facility, the integrity and security of your premises is paramount.

In particular, you need to be sure that your entrances allow convenient entry and exit for legitimate purposes while keeping out miscreants. Your entrances also need to operate smoothly and efficiently. Dealing with jammed doors or shutters wastes time, reduces efficiency and reflects badly on your business.

Weather protection is another important function of your entrances. Choosing the right gates or shutters can provide effective insulation and keep out drafts and excessively hot or cold air. This maintains comfort and is very important for businesses with perishables or sensitive items that require a constant environment.

Your entrances are also important for your business image. Your gates and doors are the first thing customers see when they visit your organisation, so you need to be sure they’re impressive and on brand.

To achieve all these benefits and much more, one elegant solution is to use commercial roller shutters. Fashioned from sturdy materials such as steel and aluminium, they offer the rugged strength, style and flexibility to keep your business premises well-protected. You can choose models that offer ventilation or are tight-fighting.

At the same time, commercial roller shutters keep your business looking great. You can find them in a range of classic or breezy colours to match the mood of your business so you’re always looking good while remaining protected.

Here’s a look at your options for installing commercial shutters to keep your enterprise smart, safe and secure.

Protect Your Business with Commercial Shutter Options

A set of sturdy shutters presents an air of impregnability to would-be thieves and vandals and thus acts as a powerful deterrent to crime. In this way, commercial roller shutters help send a clear message that yours is not a business to be messed with.

Besides keeping your premises safe from thieves, shutters also offer protection against storms and other climatic events that would make short work of windows or flimsy wood or plastic doors, windows or blinds. Your shutters also protect you against the pilfering and looting that often occurs after natural disasters.

Grifco or Merlin motorized systems open or close your entrances at the touch of a switch, offering push-button convenience from a remote location if desired. This way you remain in complete control of your business premises.

Shutters can also deliver control in another way, allowing you to close sections of your premises while keeping others open. While commercial roller shutters are mainly used for exteriors, they can also be used inside your premises to restrict access to sensitive or high-value areas. This kind of heightened security ensures maximum protection for your business. Interior shuttering also offers you the flexibility of opening certain areas of your premises while keeping other areas securely locked.

As all business have their own special requirements regarding size, style and conditions, bespoke solutions offer the best way to ensure you get exactly the right solution for your own special situation. If you feel your business could benefit from the use of commercial roller shutters, be sure to choose a Perth firm with long experience. WA Rollerdoor is here to help you choose and install the best roller shutters for your company.

Shutters come in a range of materials and formats to suit every setting. Here’s your guide to choosing the right roller shutters to protect your business.

Steel Shutters

Hardy and an excellent value, steel has long been the material of choice for tough shutters that keep businesses safe from intrusion and the elements. The sight of a steel barrier is usually enough to deter the most determined miscreant, especially when backed up by some sturdy locks. It’s also a breeze to maintain and fix when needed, and importantly for eco-conscious users, is also recyclable.

Along with its durability and ruggedness, steel has some other valuable qualities. For one thing, it offers excellent insulation. This means it works to keep your premises cooler in hot weather and warmer when the mercury drops.

Steel shutters come with a range of handy incorporated features, extras and add-ons. For ease of use, choose Grifco motor or hand winder systems. Other neat features include peep holes so you can check who’s calling, and various heavy-duty fixtures for ease of use. You can also find cast iron windlock systems featuring cast iron end clips for use in in cyclonic and high-wind areas.

Should ventilation be desired or required, you can also find shutters with perforated slats, which are ideal for car parks and other areas.

Style-wise, steel shutters are available in a wide range of colours so you can pick just the right image for your particular business. Galvanized or powder coat slat finishes offer a matchless blend of style and protection against knocks and erosion.

Advances in technology mean that today’s steel is higher in quality than ever before. It’s also extremely affordable for home as well as commercial use, so be sure to consider this durable material when deciding on what shutters to choose for your business.

Getting the best protection from your steel shutters depends on proper installation. For maximum protection, your shutters should be custom-made to just the right size, so be sure to employ a professional firm with a solid reputation.

CW Aluminium Roller Shutters

Traditionally, steel has long been the material of choice for roller shutters owing to its sturdiness. Nowadays, aluminium shutters have become increasingly popular. Not only do they boast a lightweight attractive finish, aluminium shutters are tough. In fact, they can withstand the onslaught of a full hurricane. Installing aluminium shutters also makes good economic sense as they’re very affordable and will give you years of service and protection.

Aluminium is also an attractive metal that confers an air of style to any setting. Aluminium roller shutters come in a stylish range of finishes which makes them especially valued for use in buildings in public spaces. These include businesses such as banks, restaurants, shops and arcades in which the appearance of the structure is just important as security.

Ventilated Shutters

If you own a warehouse, factory or other building which would benefit from the free flow of air as well as rock-solid security, you’ll appreciate ventilated roller shutters. These feature perforation between the shutter slats to allow air circulation. At the same time, they continue to offer protection from sunlight.

Using ventilated shutters provides a very effective way to maintain temperatures in your premises, and is desirable if you use certain types of air conditioners that require a free flow of air. Ventilated shutters also let you see out clearly, a feature that’s desirable in loading docks, car parks and other settings for safety purposes.

Ventilated shutters come with slats in a range of sizes offering and can also be combined with solid slats to offer flexible control of both air flow and vision. They’re offered with protective powder-coated finishes in a range of colours to enhance any setting and create a vibrant image for your business.

Bar Panel

Bar panel sectional doors are open-style doors that are ideal for structures such as subterranean car parks that benefit from ventilation. Their construction affords both vision and the free flow of air while maintaining security. If only free vision is needed, users can order items with a range of Perspex or polycarbonate sheets affixed to the back of the frame.

Bar panels feature a square frame with a choice of horizontal or vertical bars, all fashioned from lightweight and durable aluminium. They come in a range of sizes and are available with motorized systems which can be operated by remote control.

Car Park Entry Shutters

Entrances for car parks require some special properties. They need to be solid enough to protect people’s precious vehicles from intruders and the weather, they have to be durable to withstand intensive daily use, and they need ventilation to handle the exhaust fumes that can build up, especially in underground and enclosed facilities.

Ventilated bar panel shutters fit the bill perfectly. Crafted from durable metals such as aluminium, they feature openings that allow air and natural light to pass through. Powder-coated for durability and style, they confer a neat and professional look on any setting while remaining eminently usable.

Roller Shutters Protect Your Business

If you’re constructing new business premises or looking to upgrade the entrances at your existing facilities, consider the many benefits of commercial roller shutters. They offer first-class protection against thieves, vandals and the weather, can offer air flow and visibility if desired, and are offer a stylish and professional front for your business. In addition, installing premium grade roller shutters marks you as an enterprise that takes security and integrity very seriously.

When you’re ready to invest in the safety of your premises, get in touch with WA Rollerdoor. Our expert sales and installation team will ensure you get just the right commercial roller shutters for your needs.


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