When in doubt, give the WA Roller Doors team a call on (08) 9285 0333 to organise a service!

How do I arrange a measure and quote/enquire?

You can call us at (08) 9285 0333, contact us through the ‘enquire now’ form, or email sales@warollerdoors.com.au

What is the difference between a roller door and a sectional door?

A roller door is a continuous curtain that rolls up into a drum.
A sectional door is a hinged panel type door that tracks back along the ceiling of the garage.

Should I use a professional installer?

At WA Roller Doors, we believe that the installation of a garage door is not a DYI job. A garage door is a large moving object and is constitute by many small parts, so its installation is highly technical. WA Roller Doors has the best fitters in Perth, they are highly trained and skill full. Also, one of the services that our professional installers can provide is the disposal of your old door.

I just hit my garage door with my car. What do I do?

There are lots of potential hazards when your door is impacted by a car. Contact WA Roller Doors as we can give you telephone advice as to whether the door needs replacement or can be repaired.

What to do in case of a power failure in motorized garage door?

On the garage door opener there is a red cord – you must pull this cord in order to disengage the motor system from the door. Then you can use your door manually.

How do I re engage my garage door when the power comes back?

Lift your garage door to a half-way position, then:

  • Sectional door; press the green button on the rail then operate the motor until it reengages into the trolley position
  • Roller door; pull the red cord and it will automatically reengage

What do I do if the motor does not operate after a power failure?

Unplug the motor from the power socket, wait 10 seconds and plug it back again. If that does not work, call us for a service technician.

How often should I service my garage door?

WA Roller Doors recommends for a low cycle garage door a service maintenance annually and for a high cycle garage door every 6 months.
New motor’s warranty requires general services/checks twice within the 7 years warranty period.


When in doubt, give the WA Roller Doors team a call on (08) 9285 0333 to organise a service!

My garage door keeps reversing.

There may be an obstruction stopping your door from closing or your door may be out of alignment.

My remote is not working.

Your remote may have a flat battery, may need to be re-coded to the opener or may have failed and need replacement.

My opener is working but the door is not moving.

Your door may have become disengaged from the chain/belt or you may have broken gear in the opener. Contact WA Roller Doors for a general service and adjustment to your door and auto.

My garage door is very heavy and is hard to, or will not open.

Your garage door may have a broken spring, contact us to organise a spring/s replacement which will also provide a general service on your door.

My garage door is noisy.

Your garage door may be due for routine maintenance and lubrication. Most doors do become noisy after years of wear and tear, contact WA Roller Doors to organise a technician to give the door a full service.

My door opens on its own.

Your opener may have a fault on the circuit board. Contact WA Roller Doors for a motor replacement and a general service.

My door is not closing properly.

Check for obstructions that may be causing your door to stop or reverse. Your door may be out of alignment. The best solution is to give us a call and organise a general service from one of our professional technicians.

why choose us?

Perfect for The Modern Home Owner

Most people underestimate the aesthetic value of their garage doors. It may come as somewhat of a surprise, but the wrong choice in garage doors can seriously lower the exterior appeal of a home. Nobody wants to be the house on their block that sticks out for the wrong reasons. WA Roller doors have the product and the skill to give you the confidence that your curb appeal is on point.
At WA Roller Doors, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide residential clients with the advice they need to choose sectional garage doors that are both sturdy and stylish — the kind of garage door that offers safety and security without looking too severe or bulky. Sleep easy at night knowing that the largest opening in your house is secure at night, and isn’t an eyesore during the day.

Garage Roller Doors That Enhance Your Home

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, WA Roller Doors is a trusted name and experienced industry leader. We have been servicing the garage door industry in Perth with quality products and trusted brand names. This is a very important decision when making your garage door choice there is no better company to guide you than WA Roller Doors when it comes to supplying your new garage door.
New garage doors add value to your home – on top of adding to the aesthetic value of your home, custom garage doors come with extra features that add to the value of your home. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home soon, thinking of a way of increasing its value will pay off in future.

Custom Design

We have the perfect custom garage doors to complement the exterior of your home, adding style, value, and security.

Motors & Openers

All our range of garage doors for Residential or Industrial applications come with the option of attaching a motorised system.


Industry leaders in the installation of Roller Doors & Sectional Panel-Lift Door systems, with over 25 years of experience.


We specialise in Residential, Commercial and Industrial roller door repairs within Metropolitan Perth and Regional WA.


WA Roller Doors is a proudly WA owned and operated company founded by (owner) Gary Long, and has been supplying the garage door industry for over 25 years.
When it comes to Garage Doors in Perth, we have everything you need.
We can confidently fulfil your garage door requirements – our door knowledge and experience is extensive in all areas of the industry, from residential garage doors to large industrial roller shutter applications.
Whether you need sectional garage doors, roller doors or shutters, we have it covered!
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