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Our roller doors are designed to offer a high level of safety and security without looking too severe or bulky.

Roller Doors

B&D Roll-A-Door

Combining cutting edge technology, beautiful design options and proven reliability, our safe and secure B&D® garage doors ensure safety and superior build quality.

WA Roller Doors supply & install a complete range of B&D doors suitable for residential homes, built with durable materials and made to last.


Light Industrial

Rely on smooth operation, safety, security, and durability with our range of B&D light industrial roller doors.

WA Roller Doors supply & install a variety of light industrial doors, available in a range of colours and sizes.

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Roller Doors

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Industrial Roller Doors

Commercial Applications

Looking for strength and durability in your garage door? Make sure to check out WA Roller Door’s commercial options – we have a wide range of roller doors to suit any industrial application. Additionally, our high qualified team of installers and sales staff can provide you with expert advice, helping you to choose the best industrial roller door to suit your project needs.

Roller Doors

Frequently Asked Questions

Roller doors are a type of garage door commonly used for residential and commercial properties. They are designed to roll up vertically into a compact coil when opened, making them a space-efficient choice for garages.

Roller doors are known for being, secure, long-lasting and space savers. 

Made out of colorbond steel or aluminium, their brake pressed ribbed curtain design and lack of leveraging points make them resistant to potential thief attempts. Rolling up in a box, our CW roller shutters can fit even the smallest spaces making them your best ally if your garage is small or has a low ceiling. All doors are also designed to be fitted with an automatic door opener for ease of use and security at your fingertips.

While sectional garage doors are made of hinged panels and roll back along the ceiling, roller doors are flat curtains that roll up into a drum. 


If roller doors offer less customisation options than sectional garage doors they tend to be more secure as their flat design makes them more resistant to thief attempts Roller doors are also less space-consuming and can fit even in the smallest garages.

Find out more about the differences between roller doors and sectional garage doors here.

At WA Roller Doors, we understand that knowing that all entry points of your home are safe is essential for you. This is why our range of roller doors includes B&D Roll-A-Doors and Light industrial roller doors. Secure, design, these doors ensure your home’s safety. They come with locking systems and their security level can be upgraded thanks to some of our innovative systems. Contact us to know more.

At WA Roller Doors, we estimate a roller door installation to last 4 to 6 hours. However, the time it takes to install this type of door can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the door, the type of installation, and if we have to remove your old garage door. 

For a more accurate time estimation based on your project, we recommend you contact one of our specialists.

Regularly servicing your roller door by a professional is key to maintaining it and ensuring its functionality. On average, we would recommend your roller door to be serviced every year. However, this can vary depending on how often you use your roller door and the conditions it’s exposed to. 

Learn more about roller door services on our blog or contact us for more personalised recommendations.

A roller door is constructed from a single sheet of lighter gauge steel, offering greater flexibility. Conversely, a roller shutter comprises a collection of broad horizontal steel slats interconnected through hinges, creating a robust and sturdy door ideal for industrial purposes. 


Roller doors and roller shutters also differ in other aspects. While roller shutters can be used in commercial and residential settings just as in industrial applications, roller doors are mainly used for residential or industrial purposes.

When choosing a roller door for your garage entry, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Material and durability: you’d want to opt for high-quality materials like steel or aluminium which provide both sustainability and security. 
  • Security Features: ensure the roller door has reinforced components to help deter break-ins.
  • Convenience: look for doors which open and close smoothly and are easy to maintain such as B&D Roller Doors.
  • Insulation: with very hot days in Summer, roller doors with insulation options to regulate the temperature within the garage are a must in Western Australia. 
  • Warranty: make sure you benefit from warranties and after-sales support to ensure peace of mind regarding maintenance and repairs.


At WA Roller Doors, our range of roller doors is designed to ensure convenience of use while providing you with the highest level of security. Made out of steel and aluminium, our garage doors are made to last. Read more.

At WA Roller Doors, your peace of mind is our priority. Therefore, even though we have full confidence in the excellence of our products and installation services, we provide warranty coverage for all our roller doors. The duration of the warranty period may vary based on the specific product and service.

If you have any questions about the warranty duration for a particular product or service, please contact us. We will promptly provide you with the relevant details.

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