What to consider when buying a garage door

Garage doors can be considered one of your most underrated household appliances. Not much thought is generally given to it and most people do not pay any attention to its condition until it is broken. We do however recommend a regular maintenance schedule for your Garage door in Perth. A garage door is an important investment that should not be taken lightly. After all, it should complement your property and fit into the basic style of the house. Thus, it has to add both aesthetic as well as functional value to your home.

Important considerations when getting a garage door

Before making the final decision on your Garage Door in Perth, you have to keep in mind some important factors.


A garage door can be made from aluminium, wood, or steel. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Aluminium doors are rust-resistant which makes them perfect for houses situated in humid conditions. Timber doors are mainly for maintaining the style in traditional homes, but they hardly last in a humid environment and require regular maintenance. Steel garage doors are the best in terms of strength and maintenance and are also available in a wide variety of insulations, colours, and price ranges.


You can choose from a broad spectrum of garage doors coming in all kinds of designs and functionalities. However, it is your budget that may limit your flexibility. With a slightly higher budget, you can get a huge range of personalisation options and quality materials in garage doors.

Door style

It’s important to consider the style and way you want your garage door Perth to open.

A Roller Garage Door

Much like the name suggests will roll up into itself around a ‘barrel’ and will then sit above the garage opening. Great option if there is little space within your garage.

Sectional garage doors

are divided into different panels or sections. Generally, they will have hinges on each panel and as the door opens each section will slide up and sit above the ceiling of your garage.

Counterweight/Tilt garage door

will open as one solid piece before resting above your ceiling like the sectional garage door.



There is no one size fits all in the case of garage doors. All WA Roller Doors Garage Doors are custom made to measure and can be made to as little as 880mm wide. The pricing and installation of a custom garage door in Perth will vary so it is important that an expert comes out and gives you an accurate quote.


Installing a garage door is a professional job. If you have no experience of similar installations, it is best for you to leave it to the experts. This is because a clumsy or incorrect installation can damage your door or cause higher maintenance costs further down the line.


Our Garage doors in Perth come expertly installed by our team, with over 30 years of experience you can be sure you are getting a quality reliable product. As a bonus all motors come with a 7 year manufacturers warranty.

The above is sure to get you on the right path for choosing a garage door in Perth. For more information and to speak to an expert get in contact with the team at WA Roller Doors today.



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