3 reasons to always keep your garage door closed

There’s plenty of reasons your garage door might be left open – maybe it’s a hot summer and you need the ventilation, maybe you’ve been going in and out of the garage all day or maybe you just forgot that you’d left it open. An open garage door may not seem like a big deal but can end up creating problems down the track. You wouldn’t leave your front door wide open, so why should it be any different for your garage door? From keeping some things in to keeping others things out, there are many reasons your garage door should stay closed, with a few covered below.

Safety and Security

Open garage doors signify opportunity to thieves, regardless of how nice your neighbourhood is. One of the easiest access points to breach is the garage – if thieves can get a full view of your garage layout and contents, your house can quickly become a target. Any equipment or power tools stored in your garage are susceptible to being stolen, and access to your garage often results in an opportunity to break into your home. If you’re looking to strengthen your garage security, have a look at our secure keypads and other accessories.

Pest Prevention

There’s nothing worse than seeing a bunch of bugs scurrying around your garage – unfortunately, leaving your garage door open is essentially a big flashing sign saying “bugs, come on in!” Pests will often look for a warm, dark place to hang around (your garage) and once they’re settled, they’re hard to get rid of. If you leave your garage door open, especially overnight, get ready for some uninvited guests!


Weather Damage

Garage doors are engineered specifically to keep everything safe and dry inside. When leaving your garage door open, you risk internal damage from bad weather like rain or strong winds. No one likes cleaning out their garage normally, let alone sweeping out everything that gets blown in. If you want to avoid debris like leaves, dirt and litter getting into your garage, keep your door closed as much as possible, especially in these winter months. 

Can’t close your garage door?

If your garage door isn’t closing properly, don’t risk weather damage, pest problems or security issues by leaving it. Call WA Roller Doors or contact us online for a general service – we’ll get it sorted out in no time!


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