My garage door remote isn’t working – what do I do?

Regardless of whether it works intermittently or suddenly stops working at all, a malfunctioning garage door remote is not fun to deal with. If you’re having problems with your remote, make sure to check it’s not one of the following issues before throwing it in the bin. 

Check the remote batteries

It may seem like an obvious answer, but sometimes we forget about depleted batteries. To test if the batteries are the problem, hold the remote close to the motor unit – remotes with LED lights should flash when you press the button. If the remote fails to work near the motor or doesn’t flash, your battery is dead. However, if you have multiple remotes and all of them have stopped working simultaneously, it’s a problem with your motor or receiver. If you’ve tried replacing your batteries and there’s still a problem, contact WA Roller Doors for a replacement. Additionally, make sure to avoid leaving your remote in the sun and change your batteries every few years. 

Check the lock button

A lot of garage door control panels come with a lock button feature – an accidental push of this button could be the reason your remote isn’t working properly. This can often be confusing and hard to spot as the keypad still works with the lock button on, but your remote won’t. If it’s definitely the remote that’s the issue and you have a lock button, double check that it’s not engaged before trying to use your remote.


Check the signal

If your batteries are working, the problem might be that your remote is out of range or the opener is damaged and not receiving signals. If the remote itself seems to be working (i.e., flashing), have a look at the opener and make sure everything is clean and free of debris that could be blocking the signal. If you notice any other issues with the opener while you’re there, contact a technician to have it checked out. 

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Reprogram your remote

As they use radio frequencies to send signals, garage remotes sometimes malfunction and need to be re-coded to the opener. A good old hard reset is usually the way to go when this happens – consult your instruction manual for directions specific to your remote. Most likely, you’ll be looking to hold down the LEARN button until the lights flash.

Contact a technician

Tried all of the above and it’s still not working? Sometimes the problem is not as simple as changing some batteries – wiring malfunctions, faulty openers or other issues may require a bit more troubleshooting. When in doubt, call a WA Roller Doors technician to inspect your remote and garage door – if there’s any issues with your system, we’ll be able to provide a solution.

Looking for a new or replacement remote? 

If you’ve lost or broken your remote, write down your opener model number so you can avoid purchasing a non-compatible replacement. Check out our selection at WA Roller Doors or contact us for more information about the right product for you.


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