The 77 mm Widespan Roller Shutters for the Wide Doors in Your Life

Sometimes you need to go a little wider with your roller shutter than you might expect. When you need something more significant than a standard size, you need to start looking at custom alternatives to ensure that your space is appropriately secured. WA Roller Doors has everything you need for your custom roller shutter needs.

Some situations when you might need custom roller shutters include:

  • Residential and commercial garage doors
  • Commercial windows
  • Retail storefronts and doorways
  • Basic security in industrial settings
  • The ideal choice for restricted headroom (Box Size 30mm)

Many businesses use roller shutters to protect their business property and its contents by keeping it closed and inaccessible outside of operating hours.

It is essential to get the best widespan roller shutters you can find if you are concerned about the safety of your products or belongings. There is a significant difference in quality among roller shutter companies; not only are better quality roller shutters more durable, but they are also more secure and resistant to intruders.

Residential Applications

Are you looking to house more than two cars? Do you intend to use your garage as storage for more than just your vehicles? Then you may need new roller shutters.

The trend in upscale residential communities is to have larger garages than the standard garage that fits only one or two cars. For custom garages fitting three or four cars, you need a custom roller shutter to have the right size garage door. Wide roller shutters are sized to accommodate this unique need.

Although finding a garage door that’s the right size can be a bit challenging, there are other decisions to make as well. Do you want your garage door to be manually operated or motorised? Most people find that the motorised option is more convenient when implemented for home garage purposes.

Garage door openers can work with wide residential roller shutters, just like they can with standard size roller shutters. You don’t have to give up the convenience of a garage door opener just because you’ve chosen a custom size for your roller shutters.

The 77 mm Widespan also come in a variety of colours, so you can get a garage door that complements the tone of your home. Also, these roller shutters are made right here in Australia, so you can feel good about supporting your local economy rather than sourcing your goods internationally.

The fact that the doors are filled with dense polyurethane foam also helps to provide sound insulation. Having greater soundproofing is generally appreciated, particularly in residential settings.

Correctly sized roller shutters can also save energy costs by not allowing hot outside air into air-conditioned spaces. You want a roller shutter that fits its frame appropriately, preventing air from escaping or entering.

Because our products are available in a wide range of sizes and colours, there are no limits to your potential home design. You don’t have to be confined to a builder’s pre-set floor plans and designs just because what you want is an irregular size. Now you can let your imagination run wild and make your dreams into reality.

Commercial Applications

If your warehouse or storage space is wider than normal, you may be wondering how to treat its entryways.

Warehouses and storage spaces are not always a standard size. When you need a wider than average roller door for your warehouse or storage space, WA Roller Doors has you covered. You can get entries made in any width up to 5900 mm.

Our roller doors are made of high-quality aluminium alloy and are secure, keeping your business protected. The fact that the 77mm Widespan are also filled with foam adds an extra layer of strength and protection. The sturdy construction of your entryways will deter intruders.

Wide commercial roller shutters are also often used in shopping malls. Because mall stores have an open face rather than doors, it is more difficult to close the store for nights and weekends. Roller shutters provide the security that you need to keep unwanted people out. Most can be operated in conjunction with an alarm system.

You also have the option of choosing a curved or smooth door face. The selling point of WA Roller Doors is the fact that we offer so many options that you can’t find anywhere else. You can design almost any type of roller shutter that you can imagine.

Wide commercial roller shutters are useful in a variety of businesses, including warehouses and storage spaces. These types of companies often require more extensive roller shutters because businesses don’t have a standard size. Having the correct size of roller shutters helps to protect your business from intruders and criminals.

Doors have heavy duty guides and bottom bars to ensure that the bars don’t go off track, which would require additional repairs. When you get the right doors to start with, it prevents future problems. The guides often have sensors that indicate when the roller doors are fully closed and aligned with the track, allowing for the use of additional security alarm systems.

WA Roller Doors is Ready to Provide You with the Expertise and Custom Skill Set to Utilise the Right Roller Door for You

Roller shutter companies have several differences. The best widespan roller shutters are made of high-quality galvanised metal and act as an extra layer of security for your home or business. WA Roller Doors not only has the well-reputed products you need, but they have more than two decades of experience providing peace of mind to the people and businesses of Perth.

When you have custom needs for a non-standard widespan roller shutter—or any other custom shutter size—WA Roller Doors is the company that can uniquely fulfil your requirements. As a WA-owned and operated business for over 25 years, WA Roller Doors is committed to meeting the needs of residential and commercial builders around Perth.


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