WA Roller Doors CW 36mm Extruded Roller Shutter, The Right Choice for Pinky’s Beach Club Rotto!

When you’re fitting out any business, your needs are can be quite different concerning design and security.

If you’re looking for a safe, easy, and simple way to secure your Shop front, reception area, servery, outdoor bar, or anything else you can imagine – and, let’s face it, who isn’t? – then aluminium roller shutters are the obvious choice. And Rotto’s newest development (the first in 30-years) Pinky Beach Eco-Resort and Pinky’s Beach Club decided to go with WA Roller Doors experience and expertise in aluminium roller shutters to outfit their state of the art tourist getaway.

Aluminium roller shutters are fast becoming a popular choice in the garage door Industry since they combine total security with a design that won’t make your space unappealing. Steel roller doors are all well and good, but aluminium shutters offer the same security advantages along with being lighter and arguably more rugged. They also resist both atmospheric damage and corrosion making them the ideal choice for Pinky’s to combat the seaside elements and ensure the functionality and aesthetic stay true over time.

Easy to install and equally simple to maintain, we’ll look today at three key areas that came together that made WA Roller Doors CW 36mm Extruded Aluminium Roller Shutter the perfect choice for Pinky’s brand new escape destination :

• Security
• Durability
• Expert Installation

We’ll get straight down to business now with a look at that all-important safety angle.

Great Security For Any Application

With commercial roller doors, you need to make absolutely certain they act as an effective deterrent to burglars.

While you might have a full alarm system in place, perhaps with professional monitoring, this is not much use if an opportunist thief can slip inside the space quickly. The best smart lock in the world won’t do much good if you’ve got exposed openings or windows anyone can smash in a flash then climb inside to plunder the business.

Fortunately, though, there’s an easy solution, and it comes in the form of commercial shutters.

“How much is a roller shutter?” is probably the first question on your lips, and to that, we have a quick answer.

Nowhere near as much as you might think, and the price will pale in comparison to the consequences of leaving that expanse or those windows unprotected. At a minimum, you might find a drunken reveller who sees fit to smash the window as they stumble down the street. At worst, you arrive at your place of business to find all of your valuable stock stolen.

So, if you’re wondering how much security shutters will cost, consider the following. First, you should think of it as an investment rather than an expense. Secondly, drop us a line, and we can let you know a firm price, so you know what you’re working with.

It’s also worth bearing the old maxim in mind: Prevention is the best cure. Business owners often and understandably purchase aluminium roller shutters in the aftermath of a burglary or incident of vandalism. While this is better than taking no action at all and finding a security breach happening again, it’s a far smarter move to take pre-emptive action and keep your precious inventory safe and sound around the clock.

Prevention can take on many forms, and one of the secondary advantages of roller shutters is the way they completely block from view exactly what’s inside your store. With so much burglary carried out by opportunistic amateurs rather than hardened pros, especially in locations like Rottnest, don’t leave things to chance with a window displaying all your wares. Keep them hidden from sight and remove that temptation from the casual thief.

What are roller shutters made of? Well, steel security shutters have traditionally been a business owner’s first line of defence, but they make a much better fit for industrial premises than a Shop front or smaller application such as eateries and outdoor bars. If you’ve got someone strolling down the high street or through a resort and past your your business when it’s closed in the evening, it makes sense to leave the best possible impression aesthetically without compromising security.

And this is where aluminium roller shutters come into their own. Aluminium extruded shutters are super-strong, while the appearance isn’t quite as stark and utilitarian as the traditional steel alternative. We’ll look at the added benefits of their lightweight nature and lifespan in just a minute, but we need to underscore that you won’t be selling yourself out with weak, vulnerable doors if you go the aluminium route.

One of the drawbacks of cheaper steel shutters is the way thinner gauge slats tend to sag in the middle if you’ve got an expansive curtain. The strain induced will ultimately cause the shutters to collapse. It also becomes an unwanted weak spot you can avoid by opting for aluminium.

When you’re considering security, you also need to focus on the curtain slat, of course. Don’t get your priorities wrong here and try to save a few bucks at the expense of security. If your shop is broken into, that might be the least effective method of saving you money all year. Don’t mistake curtains designed expressly with heat or light control in mind for those designed with security uppermost. Get this part right since it’s just as important as the overall structure of the aluminium shutters themselves.

You should also ensure that the motor and internal components are solid and reliable. With low-quality barrels or underpowered motors, you’re asking for trouble. Rest assured, all our aluminium shutters are manufactured to the highest standards with all componentry built to stay the distance. You’re in safe hands all the way.

Rather than labouring the point, we’ll invite you to bear another old saying in mind when you’re looking for effective commercial roller doors: Buy cheap, buy twice. We’d add here that you might need to do more than buy a replacement door as well. You could be looking at an expensive insurance claim for burglary if you choose unwisely and go for the cheapest option you can find.

Light and Built to Last

Aluminium roller shutters come with direct benefits beyond simply offering your business all the security it needs.

Aluminium roller shutters are lightweight despite giving you all the protection you need. They roll up without eating up too much space during the day, too, so if you’ve got a smaller space, it won’t feel crowded like it might with bulkier commercial roller doors.

Also, since they are so subtle, aluminium shutters don’t seem to invite the same level of abuse from graffiti artists as the much more blatant steel variety. The last thing you want is the front of your business emblazoned with profanity. That hardly gives off the marketing message you want!

With motorised shutters, though, weight and warding off street artists are not the primary concerns. Much more important is the durability factor.

Despite that lightweight construction, aluminium roller shutters are built to stay the distance. The powder-coating often used now looks great and makes sure your business doesn’t appear derelict. Beyond this, you’ll get all the protection you need not just against burglars, but also the elements. They’re designed to fend off heavy rain and winds while also ensuring nothing in your shop suffers from sun damage.

Easy and Fast Installation

You might be thinking that the price to pay for security and convenience would be a laborious and expensive installation process, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Feel free to get in touch at any time, and we’ll let you know just how little it costs to get these shutters in place.

Don’t worry, either, that your business will be out of commission for days while we get the shutters in place. Installation is not just inexpensive but remarkably quick-fire as well.

The added kicker is that once your aluminium roller shutters are in place, maintenance is effectively nil. Aside from keeping your eye on the mechanism to make sure everything is running smoothly, all you’ll need to do is give them the occasional hosing down to keep them grime-free, and you’re good to go.

Again, contact us for an all-in quote, and you’ll be amazed at what great overall value it is to have the best aluminium roller shutter doors protecting your precious business.

WA Roller Doors Has Pinky’s and You Covered

Deciding to install commercial aluminium roller shutter doors is the easy part. After all, the added layer of security alone should be enough to convince you that commercial shutters make sound business sense.

We understand, though, that appearances count not just when you’re open for business but also around the clock, especially during the evening when lots of pedestrians pass by your store on their way out to dinner, and you’d like to leave the best possible impression of your establishment. That’s why today when thinking about roller shutters for storefronts rather than industrial buildings, we focused on aluminium roller shutters. Simply put, these doors are a far more attractive alternative to the more robust steel models.

The only disclaimer we’d throw in before we round out is that if absolute security is your driving motivator, it might still be worth your while talking to us about opting for steel shutters. While aluminium offers all the benefits we’ve outlined and is certainly more than secure enough for most purposes, steel is superior if you’re only dealing with safety.

Contact us any time and come back soon for more handy hints!


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