Why Steel Roller Shutters Are A Great Choice

When it comes to securing your business, you face a vast array of products to choose from. You’ve probably noticed that steel roller doors and steel roller shutters are becoming more and more popular for shop fronts.

If you know anything at all about these roller doors, this shouldn’t be a surprise to you. Roller doors are the best choice because they are strong, they provide safety, and when it comes down to it, they are beautifully simple. These industrial roller doors are made with materials that are extremely durable while still sufficiently flexible.

They offer an extra layer of protection to your shop or business, or even your home if the design fits.  In addition to security, they can provide both weatherproofing and thermal insulation, if fitted correctly, protecting your building from both strong winds and small drafts.

There are many considerations when you are looking at steel roller shutters and steel roller doors depending on the needs of your business or your premises. No matter what, though, they provide an unbeatable security solution.

Great Security For Any Purpose

At the end of the night when you shut off the lights and lock the doors, can you sleep soundly knowing everything in your business is safe from harm? Are all your goods, supplies, stock and assets protected from natural damages like fire and wind? How about from human miscreants and criminals?

When you’re in the market for something that delivers reliable security without compromising aesthetics, look no further than industrial roller doors and steel shutters. Roller shutter doors and steel shutters can protect businesses, bars, and server areas; to block after-hours entrances into buildings; and to protect windows from being broken. They can be used in commercial, industrial or residential environments.

These doors can also be manufactured to withstand high winds, so you can purchase industrial roller doors suitable for cyclonic environments. It’s crucial to think about your needs closely so you get the right sort of roller shutters.

Home Garages

Steel roller doors can protect the garage of an everyday house. If you’ve got a garage, you’ll naturally want to protect whatever is inside it, whether that’s the car, your tools, or your garden equipment. Beyond this, having a sturdy garage door adds an extra level of protection and also acts as a deterrent for criminals.

If you’ve only seen the heavy-duty metallic roller doors that protect downtown shopfronts, you might wonder who would want something that looks so industrial on their house.  However, these shutters actually come in a number of different designs and colors, so you can order a customised set that looks no more out of place in a residential area than a typical garage door.

Be aware that, with these types of doors, you can’t expect to add any features like windows, but a window just serves as a weak point during a severe storm. If you live in an area prone to high winds and cyclones, this is another great reason to go with a steel roller door on your home’s garage.

A steel roller door for your garage is a budget-friendly option that works wonderfully to save overhead space. If you’re not too fussy when it comes to the design, colour, or style of your garage door, an industrial roller door might be right for your home.

Types Of Industrial Roller Doors

When looking at industrial roller doors, you should know there are a few different types, and usually they can be designed and manufactured to meet your requirements. Here are some of the different options there are for industrial roller doors in Perth.

  • Steel Slatted Roller Shutters: These are some of the most commonly used steel roller shutters. They are made from slats of galvanized steel that have been manufactured to fit your building’s opening precisely. Not only will they be the correct width, but they also come in different thicknesses depending on your security needs
  • Industrial Roller Doors: This type of roller door is useful on exceptionally large openings. When you need to accommodate an unloading truck or bulky stock, this is the door that you need. This door is also manufactured from slats of steel or aluminium, and it’s rolled up along a guide that gives it additional strength. Most doors of this type are also pulled up with a motorised chain-drive system
  • Perforated Extruded Roller Shutters: Roller shutters can be manufactured to meet certain specifications as well. Perforated extruded roller shutters can be especially effective when used in a car park that needs to be protected from theft. Because there will be motors idling and cars driving through, whatever covers the entrance needs to vent exhaust from the cars while also providing security. This is where perforated and ventilated roller shutters come in handy.

Another type of perforated extruded roller shutter is great for use on large windows that need to be protected. Manufactured from large slats of heavy duty aluminium or steel, these shutters allow for a line of sight to the exterior of the home or business while still providing a neat layer of security

  • Solid Extruded Roller Shutters: Yet another option for commercial and industrial applications is the solid extruded roller shutter provided by our company. These roller shutters are made from slats of aluminium or steel, and they roll up and down along a heavy-duty track system. When open, the shutters remain enclosed in a box system. This is an attractive and space-saving option for the fronts of stores and businesses. This type of roller shutter is commonly used in areas like a bar servery, but they can also withstand cyclonic winds.
  • Easy View Roller Shutters: This roller shutter type is effective on a shop front or even in a residential setting. Made from slats of heavy-duty aluminium and polycarbonate, these shutters provide UV protection as well as an attractive appearance. They retract along a heavy-duty guide into an overhead box to allow a clean appearance in your storefront. These shutters are a perfect option for patios in cafes or verandahs in residential homes.

Easy and Fast Installation

Installing these industrial roller doors and steel shutters is a quick and easy process. Our teams will work with you to make sure your needs are met throughout the process, and we’ll guarantee you’ll be delighted with our service and products. From beginning to end, we’re with you every step of the way.

It starts with our consultation, in which we work with you to determine which door application fits your situation best. We take measurements and discuss design options, including colours as well as other specifications. We can then work with this information to come up with a detailed quote.

We then design and manufacture the doors as planned out with you and schedule a day for delivery and installation. When your shutters are ready, we come to install them, ensuring that everything is exactly as you specified. After we test that the doors fit snugly, you’ll finally be able to relax with your home or business fully secured.

Then our team installs the doors, the track, the roll away boxes and any accessories – like motors – that you request. Once this rapid, straightforward process is completed, we clean up and get out of your way so that you can carry on with your business and your life.

If there are ever any problems, we are just a phone call away for any maintenance or repairs you might need.


There are many different options when it comes to adding security to your business, but when you use our products and service team, you can rest easy knowing your home or business is secured safely behind a strong and durable steel roller shutter.


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