Roller shutters VS Roller Doors

Although they might sound similar, industrial roller shutters and industrial roller doors differ in their offerings. Read further to uncover the differences and find which one is best for your needs.

The key difference

Roller shutters are commonly used for smaller entryways. You’ll find roller shutters used as protective blinds for buildings and windows, for small garages and entryways and to offer security for industrial premises. 

Roller doors are used for larger entryways and garages. You’ll find roller doors used for industrial settings such as garages, warehouse entries, for storage units and more.

Roller shutters and roller doors are great choices for both commercial and residential requirements. Before you consider buying industrial roller shutters or roller doors, measure the size of the space you’re looking to install your shutters or doors and from here, our roller door specialists can determine which option will suit your needs.

Commercial Roller Shutters 


  • Premium security with sturdy, durable and expertly built roller shutters. 
  • High quality materials, built to last.
  • Noise reduction features, preventing outside noise intruding and inside noise getting out.  
  • Selection of materials to choose from including – steel and ventilated
  • WA Roller Doors delivers a complete range of roller shutters, designed and manufactured to supply all types of commercial projects. Whether it be replacements, upgrades or services – our WA team caters to all requirements.



Our industrial steel roller shutters are manufactured using a roll formed solid steel slat type. This allows flexibility with sizes and applications, accommodating up to a 12000 x 12000 opening span. Operations of the steel roller doors are available as a chain drive or electric system. To read more about our steel roller shutters see here

2. Ventilated

Ventilated roller shutters are an excellent choice for creating airflow in car park entries. This is ideal for the WA climate, which can see over 40 degree weather during Summer months. WA Roller Doors’ ventilated roller shutters are available in slat profiles 75 and 100mm with a 42% Perforated or 18% slotted finish. Explore our range here

3. CW Aluminum

CW Aluminum roller shutters are manufactured using a strong and durable aluminum alloy construction. These roller shutters can be built with either a double or single walled profile, offering impressive security and pleasing design. See more here

4. Arcade/storefront

Roller shutters offer easy and quick security for arcades and storefronts. Designed for manual or electric operation depending on the functionality you’re after, this is your shop’s ideal choice for practicality and design. Explore our selection of store front roller shutters here

Repairs and maintenance

WA Roller Doors recommend servicing your roller shutters yearly with check ups regularly. If you experience any issues with your roller shutters it’s best to call our professional team to avoid breakages.

Commercial Roller Doors 


  • Reliable security. 
  • Stylish aesthetic with a variety of colours and materials to choose from.
  • Durable and built to last. 
  • Delivering the highest level of protection whilst considering aesthetics and practicality. 
  • First choice for industrial and commercial clients. 


1.B&D Roller Door

Where practicality meets visuals, our range of B&D roller doors deliver in all aspects. Custom design options are available so you can build the perfect custom garage door. Style, value and security – it’s a combination that can’t be beaten. Check out our B&D roller doors

2. Light Industrial Doors

Light industrial roller doors are built lightweight for easy operation. They’re smooth and quiet yet also deliver strong security. Lightweight industrial doors can be applied to both residential and commercial settings with a variety of  colours to choose from. Browse our range of light industrial roller door here

3. Customised Commercial Roller Doors

For commercial settings, speak to our team about getting industrial roller doors customised to your specific needs. Choosing a customised commercial roller door from our team allows you to select specialised application, materials, colours and features that are unique to industrial doors. Maximise the security and efficiency of your commercial roller doors by choosing our customisable services.

Choosing industrial roller shutters or industrial roller doors

Investing in high quality roller shutters and/or roller doors will greatly increase the protection, security and efficiency of your premises. In addition, both roller doors and roller shutters can increase the value of your home and commercial premises if you’re looking to sell. 

Talk with the WA Roller Door team today.


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