What makes good roller shutters?

Good roller shutters is easier to define than you might think. If you’re considering investing in roller shutters for your Perth home or business, you won’t be short on options. With lots of Roller Shutter suppliers in Perth it can be hard to determine who might be the right fit for you. When purchasing roller shutters from WA Roller Doors, we’ve got over 30 years experience selling, installing and repairing roller shutters and roller doors so you be rest assured that you are getting an exceptional product and service. If you’ve got any questions we’re more than happy to have a chat over email or over the phone.

What are roller shutters?

Roller shutters are similar to roller doors as they can be made from the same materials and serve similar purposes. What differs between the two, is that roller doors cover a larger area and are used as a doorway to a warehouse, shed, garage, workshop or workplace. Roller shutters on the other hand, are commonly used to protect smaller entryways and garages.

Why get roller shutters?

  1. Protect the premises from theft with the best protection. Roller shutters are renowned for offering the best security. With 4.3% of Australian households experiencing at least 1 break-in in the last 12 months, the need for proper security is ever present. Burglars break-in to premises most commonly through entryways and doors. Roller shutters provide a thick foreboding aluminium cover that makes break-ins essentially impossible.
  2. Protection from weather damage. Potential harm from storms, strong winds, hail and cyclonic and mining areas are ceased with the instalment of steel roller shutters. Made from either steel or aluminium, roller shutters provide durable protection.
  3. Complete the look of your home or workplace. Roller shutters are not only durable and reliable, but are also designed with aesthetics in mind. When designing your home or workplace, you want the aesthetics to be pleasing and suit your desired look. Roller shutters can be made in various different colours, each design offering a clean and minimalist look.
  4. Insulation. Living in Australia, the importance of having an insulated home is vital. Roller shutters offer insulation meaning, they keep heat inside during winter and keep your household cool during summer. In turn, this will save energy and reduce your power bill.
  5. Noise barrier. Roller shutters also block noise from being heard inside your home/workplace. If your premises are located near airports, busy roads, nightlife or schools, this could be an attractive perk. We recommend our steel roller shutters for the best noise barrier.
  6. Long lasting and a purchase made for a lifetime. Due to the immense durability and strength of roller shutters, when you get your roller shutters installed, they last forever. Plus, if you find any issues with your roller shutters, you can contact our team here at WA Roller Doors.

Types of roller shutters

There are two main types of roller shutters to consider for your home or workplace. These are:

Steel – manufactured using a roll formed solid steel slat type, which allows manufacturing to accommodate a 1200 high x 1200 width opening span. WA Roller Doors offer three main steel roller shutters, available in chain drive and electric operation. Steel roller shutters are ideal for ultimate protection and security.

Ventilated – available in slat profiles 75 and 100mm with a 42% perforated or 18% slotted finish. WA Roller Doors offer a selection of three different ventilated roller shutters. These are ideal for car park entries that require air flow ventilation.

These two types of roller shutters deliver the best quality and premium protection. Sturdy and stylish, your home or business will be the envy of the street.

Support Local Perth

So, “what makes good roller shutters?”

Answering this question depends on where your roller shutters will be installed. WA Roller Doors recommends either steel roller shutters for security and protection of your home or ventilated roller shutters for garages. It’s best to consult your roller shutter supplier to ensure you’re making the best choice for your needs. 

When it comes to choosing a supplier, we encourage customers to reach out to local Perth businesses. Working closely with your local Perth roller shutter supplier allows you to speak directly with the team and get all of your questions answered.


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