4 Tips On Choosing Industrial Roller Doors For

Your Business

Industrial roller doors play an important role in protecting your business’ premises. Roller doors can be the main entry point for warehouses, workshops and workplaces. With many tools, vehicles and valuables stored behind your industrial roller doors, you want to rest easy at night knowing your business’ roller doors offer the best security. If you’re a business owner and you’ve experienced a break-in or suffered damage from weather conditions to your workplace’s roller doors, you’ll know exactly how vital heavy duty industrial roller doors are. For many, the importance of industrial roller doors becomes apparent too late. Invest in an industrial roller door early, to avoid the unfortunate later.

There’s a wide selection of roller doors to choose from for your business. It can be tricky to find the best one for your needs. That’s why we’ve comprised a list of 5 tips on choosing your industrial roller doors for your business.

1. Roller Door Materials

Roller door materials (what the roller doors are made from) will determine their strength and durability. When considering the best materials to protect your workplace, WA Roller Doors recommends our heavy duty steel or aluminium materials. Industrial roller doors are manufactured with thicker steel and are overall much stronger than the standard domestic roller doors. It’s no surprise that they’re becoming a popular choice for shop fronts. 

Colorbond steel is a popular choice amongst many of our industrial clients. Many choose Colorbond steel for its durability, long-life performance and aesthetic finish. There are 2 series that stand out for industrial roller doors from Colorbond, these are:

Series II (R2I) Industrial Roller Door – renowned for its aesthetics, clean design and proven track record in reliable operation and strength. Plus, there’s a great variety of colours to suit your brand.

Series II R2F & R2L Light Industrial – a lighter door option for sizes up to 5.100mm wide and 5.100mm high. Also comes in a selection of different colours to suit your aesthetic.

2. Motors & Openers

Consider whether your business will need a motor or manual opener. Motorised roller doors require a remote that opens the garage door at the click of a button. Roller doors that aren’t motorised require manually pulling the roller door open. If there’s a lot of people coming and going such as customers, deliveries or vehicles, you might want to select a heavy duty motor to avoid the hassle of manually rolling the door up and down each time. 

For larger and heavier industrial doors that will be opened several times a day, we recommend a heavy-duty motor. Lighter roller doors that aren’t opened as often can easily be powered by less powerful motors. If you’re unsure what your roller door needs, our expert team will make sure we fit the correct motor with the industrial roller doors. 

Our best selling industrial door options (R2I, R2F and R2L) all have the option to choose between motors and openers.

3. Installation

When you’ve selected the industrial roller doors for your business, it’s important to keep in mind the installation process. Roller doors, especially industrial roller doors, aren’t as simple to install as you might think. There’s specific requirements (such as fitting and connection) that need professional attention.

Here at WA Roller Doors, once the industrial roller doors are manufactured (all made in Australia) in an efficient manner, your installation will be booked. The installation process is completed by our experienced industrial roller door installation team. Once the job has been completed with utmost care, the WA Roller Door team will hand over your brand new roller door.

4. Servicing

Unknown to some, industrial roller doors require general maintenance and servicing (much like a car). Industrial roller doors are made up of numerous parts and over time, it’s inevitable they’ll need some TLC to keep them going for years to come. As a general rule of thumb, servicing your industrial roller doors once per 12 months will prevent damage and increase longevity. Servicing is affordable and only takes approximately 30 minutes depending on the condition of your industrial roller doors. If you’re unsure whether your industrial roller doors need a service, we’re happy to have a chat to determine your needs.

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