How to clean your industrial roller shutters

Cleaning Industrial Roller Shutters

Keeping your industrial roller shutters clean does wonders for the appearance and experience of your workplace. When your roller shutters look dusty or dirty, it can greatly decrease your workplace’s aesthetic. If you enjoy working in a clean environment, make sure you dedicate time to cleaning your industrial roller shutters into your chore list. 

No one likes spending a whole day of work cleaning. There’s not enough hours in the day. That’s why we’ve put together these easy steps to clean your industrial roller shutters quickly and efficiently. Follow our tips and tricks below and you will have a clean workplace quicker than you can say “industrial roller shutters!”

What you need:

Before you begin cleaning, it’s wise to get all of your cleaning supplies together before you start the job. 

  • Soft microfibre cloth (you can purchase these cheap from Woolworths or Coles).
  • Basic household sponge.
  • Non toxic washing up liquid.
  • Bucket full of warm water and washing up liquid.
  • Soft brush.
  • Soft cloth/tea towel. 
  • Garden hose. 
Cleaning Gears for Roller Shutters
Cleaning Industrial Roller Shutters

Where to start:

When beginning your cleaning job, it’s easier to start from the outside and work your way to the inside of the roller shutters. 

With all of your cleaning materials ready, pull down the industrial roller shutters fully, so there’s no opening to the inside. If there’s even just a small opening, the water can seep inside and dampen your workplace. Avoid extra clean up by making sure your industrial roller shutters are pulled down completely.

Cleaning the outside:

For cleaning the outside of your industrial roller shutters, follow these steps to make sure you clean your industrial roller shutters properly. In a matter of minutes, your industrial roller shutters will be looking brand new, greatly improving your workplace’s exterior. 

  1. Grab a basic garden hose, and give your outdoor roller shutters a good spray down. This will remove the basic dirt and grime that can be easily removed by a garden hose. *Do not use a high pressure cleaner or high pressure hose as it could damage your roller shutters. A basic everyday hose is perfect for this job. 
  2. Next, use your clean microfiber cloth and dunk it into the prepared bucket full of warm water (with detergent) and wipe down the industrial roller shutters. Wipe downwards, rinsing the sponge when necessary. 
  3. If you find your industrial roller shutters need to repeat the step above, then do so. Using the soapy sponge will remove the majority of dirt and grime. 
  4. Next, you’ll want to dry your industrial roller shutters to make sure no watermarks stain your industrial roller shutters. Grab your dry cloth/soft tea towel and dry down the industrial roller shutters. 
  5. Lastly, use the brush to dust the border of the roller shutters and any tricky nooks the hose wasn’t able to get to. 
  6. Take a step back and admire your work. You’ve done a great job. 

Cleaning the inside:

Now that the outside of your industrial roller shutters are sparkling, it’s time to tackle the inside of the industrial roller shutters! Move your materials inside and get ready for the final bit of cleaning. 

  1. ​​Depending on the design of your industrial roller shutters, it can be tricky to clean the inside of your roller shutters. If the space on the inside of your industrial roller shutters is hard to reach, use a sponge on a stick (homemade or can be purchased at Bunnings). If you can see that cleaning the inside of your roller shutters will put your safety at risk, contact a professional instead. 
  2. With the industrial roller shutters all the way down, turn up the lighting inside so you can clearly see all the dirt and grime. If there’s no lighting indoors, use a torch to brighten the area.
  3. Give your industrial roller doors a dust with a dry cloth (or duster) to remove the loose particles. 
  4. Next, use your clean, wet and soapy sponge to clean the borders of your industrial roller shutters. Rinse your sponge when necessary. 
  5. Using your clean, wet and soapy sponge, start from the top and move downwards. Make sure you’re wiping away the grime rather than spreading the dirt more on the industrial roller shutters.
  6. Using a clean dry cloth, dry off the industrial roller shutters so no water and soap marks are left on the industrial roller shutters. 
  7. Use a dry cloth or duster to do any final cleaning.
  8. Once complete, take a good look at your industrial roller shutters and rally the workplace together so they can witness your great work!
Industrial roller shutter servicing

Industrial roller shutter servicing 

During the cleaning process, you may have discovered issues with your industrial roller shutters. This is when you need to contact the WA Roller Doors servicing team

Perhaps your industrial roller shutters fail to roll up and down with ease or they fail to close properly. Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning will fix a maintenance issue with your industrial roller shutters. To fix your industrial roller shutters, contact our professional servicing team.

Functioning industrial roller shutters increases security for your workplace. We recommend a service every 12 months to keep your door performing optimally. We also encourage businesses to conduct regular checks on your industrial roller shutters, to ensure they’re performing optimally. If you notice any areas of concern, contact our team immediately. The last thing you want are your industrial roller shutters breaking, putting your business’ safety at risk. 

Job well done

Automatic Metal Roller Door

Well done. You’ve now completed cleaning your industrial roller shutters!


It’s no secret that maintaining a clean workplace is key to maintaining productivity and creating an overall better wellbeing in the workplace. Regardless of whether you complete work in an industrial area, a garage or shed or, in an office–maintaining cleanliness is important for every workplace.


Thank you for reading our blog post on how to keep your industrial roller shutters clean. We hope you found it useful and will now be able to maintain your industrial roller shutters to keep your workplace clean and safe. 


For any questions, please contact us here


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