What Is The Most Secure Residential Garage Door?

The Most Secure Residential Garage Door

Whether you are at home or away, security is always on your mind. You want to keep your home and possessions secure, after all, you have worked hard for what you have earned. But, the most important thing is your loved ones. Maintaining security at all points in your home and property is essential for peace of mind when it comes to your family.

You take precautions in your home to lock doors and install security systems. However, one area that is often overlooked is the garage door. It is another entry point to be considered and equipped with safety features such as a new and more secure garage door.

If you want to learn more about what’s available in residential garage door security options, continue reading to find out.

Why Do You Need A More Secure Garage Door?

Safety and knowledge that your home is secure are the two most important reasons for ensuring your home, including your garage door, is essential to continued peace of mind and a reduction of unnecessary worry.

Beyond the intangibles, you simply want more security. Older models of garage doors don’t offer the same features that new ones have built into their designs. They can be too light or lack locking mechanisms that make it easier for burglars to take advantage of them.

Along with other home security system components, a garage door can provide theft prevention and deter criminals. Having a more secure garage door with safety built right in and installed at your residence can sometimes be an insurance benefit, as well. Your insurer likes to see a safe home and may offer discounts within your homeowner’s insurance policy.

What Types of Secure Residential Garage Doors Are Available?

When it comes to residential garage doors and security, you have solid options available. One of the most common solutions for securing your garage is roller doors. Years of research and development have brought these high-quality doors to the place they are now. Through trial and error and the test of time, the residential garage doors on today’s market are the best available. Here are a few of the types on the market today.

Roller Doors

Roller Doors are a unique style of garage door in that they are more compact than other designs. They can fit many different sizes of garage door openings and come in a wide variety of colours using the Colorbond colour range, so you will surely find something to complement your home’s exterior colour and design. These garage doors are more cost-effective than other models, yet look just as nice installed into any garage. Some of the most popular roller doors include the following.


B&D Roll-A-Door 

This is one of the most popular roller doors available. It is quiet with clean lines. The B&D is easy to roll up or down and moves smoothly on its tracks. All of the B&D Roll-A-Door models come with the option to add a motorized component for remote opening and closing convenience. In addition, some of the key components are backed by a warranty.

Light color garage door

Light Industrial

Even though the word industrial is in the name, this is still a residential garage door. This type of garage door opens and closes smoothly whilst maintaining its integrity and strength over countless openings and closings. It evokes an industrial and modern feel in its simple and clean design.

Even though it is slim in design, it is still sturdy. Offering security is one of the main points of the Light Industrial garage door. Additionally, some of these doors are custom-made to ensure maximum use of space.

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