Commercial garage door safety requirements

Are you looking to install a commercial garage door for your workplace, warehouse or business premises? If you answered yes, then you’ll need to be aware of the commercial garage door safety requirements for your specific business. 

Commercial garage doors are generally made from bigger and heavier industrial materials. Because of this larger size, it’s even more important that safety standards are in place. It’s important to consider the different factors below to ensure you’re compliant with occupational health and safety as well as get the most out of your commercial garage doors.

Safety standards differ between workplace environments. For more information, refer to a government website or speak to your local OH&S body.

Operational requirements

Training the staff

Once the industrial garage door has been installed by our WA Roller Door team we will show you how to use the garage door. This might be using a remote, manually rolling up the door or a combination of the two. We recommend all staff members who will be using the door to hear the instructions. Once instructions have been given, each staff member should have a turn pulling the industrial roller doors up and down. This will build confidence for each team member and allow each individual to ask questions whilst the professional is there. 

Take it seriously

When using the industrial roller doors, it’s important to take the job as seriously as you would take driving a forklift. You personally might find the process of pulling up and down the roller doors an easy task; however, any task that’s done quickly can lead to silly mistakes. Give the job the time it deserves and you’ll ensure no unexpected events surprise you along the way. 

Good practice

It’s good practice to follow these steps when using your commercial roller doors:

  1. Let everyone know you’ll be pulling up or down the roller doors. 
  2. Ensure the area is cleared and there are no obstacles that will obstruct the garage doors. 
  3. Pull up the doors carefully, keeping your focus on the garage doors themselves. 
  4. Avoid talking to friends, using your phone or being distracted whilst using the industrial roller doors. 
  5. Inform everyone when it’s safe to use the doors. 

This same system can be applied to the safety of your industrial roller shutters.

Servicing and damages

Notice a problem?

If you notice an irregularity in your garage door, we recommend reaching out to WA Roller Doors right away. Not only do we install industrial roller doors but we also do servicing and upgrades. If you’re unsure what the problem exactly is, you can give our team a call and we can chat to you over the phone. Alternatively, read our blog on troubleshooting for more information. 

Regular servicing Installation

Regular servicing will ensure your garage doors stay in optimal condition. We recommend servicing your garage doors at least once per year, this allows us to check the motor, chain and overall function of the industrial doors. Regular services will also save you more money in the long term as it’s much easier to fix a small problem now rather than a bigger issue later on.  If you’re due for a service, book in an appointment with our team of specialists.


For your industrial roller doors to operate safely, they need to have the best foundation. High grade industrial roller door materials, professional installation and reliable maintenance and servicing – you need to have access to the best services to maintain the high quality of your commercial roller doors. And, it just so happens, here at WA Roller Doors, we’re your one stop shop.

safety hat

Benefits of safety

The old saying “safety comes first” is one that will never go out of fashion and more often than not, it gets you out of trouble.  

There’s a lot of different activities that are happening in the workplace. Lots of people moving quickly, equipment being used and unexpected obstacles presenting themselves. It’s important that safety is followed in all situations to prevent damages from occurring. To learn more about OH&S we encourage workers to enroll in their courses. Courses are not needed to operate the garage doors themselves however, the courses are beneficial for general workplace safety.


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