How to prevent problems with your garage doors

Above all, it pays to make sure your garage doors are serviced and maintained properly. Even if your garage doors seem to be working smoothly, this can catch problems early–before they snowball–and can help ensure your doors work well for years to come. 

If your garage doors are well-looked after, they’re a long-term investment. A well-maintained set of garage doors can last for as long as 30 years. 

But in order to run their course, high cycle garage doors typically need to be serviced every six months. Low cycle doors, on the other hand, should be seen to by a professional annually. 

While any technical works should be performed by a service professional, there are many steps you can do to protect your investment and make sure your garage doors run smoothly. You can do these when you suspect an issue–for example, when the garage door sounds noisy or squeaky. Or you can do them on a yearly basis, in advance of any issues arising. 

  • Lubricate the springs, chains, track and handles: this should be done to prevent rust and allow the door to move smoothly.
  • Check and seal the weatherstripping on insulated garage doors: where cracks or gaps arise, this can allow heat in.  
  • Tighten up the hardware: with so many moving metal parts, it’s easy for dirt and debris to work its way into the cracks of the hardware of your garage door. You can combat this by tightening any loose bolts you find. 
  • Test the door sensors: placing a small object, such as a brick, under the roller door can alert you to any issues with the sensors before they arise. 
  • Inspect the panels for any chips, rust, or cracks: these issues can spread quickly, so make sure to check this on a regular basis–every six months, or after any significant storms. 

What can a service technician fix?

If there seems to be an issue with your garage door, we strongly recommend contacting a service technician rather than trying to fix it yourself. As a large, moving object constituted by many small parts, servicing a garage door is a highly technical process that can be dangerous to unqualified persons. 

A service technician is able to fix many issues with your garage door, at a relatively low cost. If the door feels off-balance or heavy, for example, a technician can adjust or replace torsion springs, which can be hard to spot. Similarly, issues with extension springs, safety cables, or the safety sensor can be difficult to diagnose–and require an expert touch to right them. Even simpler issues, like a cracked panel or an unhinged door, can lead to further damage to the unit if not seen to promptly. 

It’s also worth noting that a technician can upgrade your garage door opener without you having to upgrade the door itself. Newer models are Wi-Fi and smartphone compatible, allowing for remote operation without a fob–and, in many cases, sound far quieter and smoother. 


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