Troubleshooting: How to fix a noisy garage door

Have you noticed your garage door sounding a little strange? Whether it’s a rattle, squeak, clunk or a loud thump, the noise is a sign that something isn’t quite right with your door.  

To help you get to the bottom of the issue and see if it’s a simple quick fix – or needs the help of a qualified technician, here are some common garage door problems and how to overcome them.

What causes a garage door to be noisy in the first place?

The main offender is usually from the vibrations your garage door makes as it opens and closes. This is normal, but over time rollers, hinges, chains and also nuts and bolts can become loose and result in more than just a weak vibration.

Where else is the racket coming from? Worn rollers, loose parts and other hardware that are in need of lubrication can make a lot of noise such as squeaking, rattling or grinding. When your garage door moves, it results in friction, which is what causes the unsightly sounds.

Loose chains can contribute to the noise factor, as they can swing and cause the garage door to make erratic movements. If your door is making rubbing sounds when you open and close you might have a bent garage door track.

Most of these problems can be prevented with regular maintenance, as we’ll now explain.

What to do if you have a squeaky garage door

If your door squeaks when you open your garage door, it’s possible the weather-stripping located between each section of your garage door panels has dried out. Alternatively, it could also be an issue with the rollers. The rollers are what allows the door to smoothly rotate along the tracks. 

To fix the squeak try lubricating both of these areas. If the problem continues, the issue could be more complicated and you should request a technician to come out and assess the condition of your garage door.

Do you hear a grinding sound every time you operate your door?

Grinding noises can be related to the chain or belt coming loose on your garage door motor. Try adjusting this, but if you can’t, a repair or replacement by a qualified technician might be required.

Misaligned locking bars can also be a culprit. To fix this, find the L-shaped leader brackets attached to the door. Undo the screws and tap the guide up or down – depending on how the alignment is off. Tighten the bolts and screws and repeat on the other guide. 

Grinding sounds can also be related to your rollers. The constant motion of your garage door opening and closing can wear the roller surface, causing them to roll incorrectly. They can also end up bound up, leaving them sliding in the track causing friction and a lot of noise. You can overcome this by replacing the rollers. Solid nylon or nylon-coated rollers are best as they ensure the door will operate quietly and won’t need any lubrication.

How to stop your garage door from crashing down with a loud thump

Your garage door may also be noisy because the insulation strip on the bottom of the door is worn out or missing and needs to be replaced.

If your garage door is hitting the cement floor too hard, the torsion springs may have loosened, which is what might be causing the loud bang upon impact. If you notice this happening, you need to call a garage door technician to service your door and fix any loose or broken springs.

General tips to make your garage door quieter

A little garage door maintenance can go a long way. Regularly giving your door a visual once over can save you headaches down the track. Things to look out for include:

  • Tighten nuts and bolts – check for loose nuts and bolts on the track and door and tighten them appropriately but don’t over-tighten.
  • Inspect your rollers – if you have metal rollers, consider replacing them with nylon rollers as they don’t need any lubricating, are much easier to maintain and significantly quieter. 
  • Lubricate – hinges, tracks and springs should be regularly lubricated. Without it, you’ll eventually be subject to the metal on metal sound and cause damage to your door.

When in doubt, call the experts

If you’ve tried our tips and you can’t silence the beast, leave it to the garage door experts at WA Roller Doors to investigate the issue and get your garage door operating smoothly again. Our highly experienced team of technicians will safely inspect and repair your garage door good as new. Get in touch with us today.


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