Signs your garage door needs a service

Your garage door is a vital component of your property, providing security, convenience, and protection for your vehicles and belongings. However, although most garage doors are well-made and durable like any mechanical system, they require regular attention to ensure optimal functionality. Maintenance checks are still necessary to keep everything running and recognise any potential issues before they become larger problems can end up saving you both money and time.

To ensure you can identify signs of wear and tear on time-to-action services and reparations, we have compiled a non-exhaustive list of different elements that act as hints time has come for your roller door to be serviced and/or looked at by a professional technician.

The garage door makes unusual noises

All garage doors make noise but if your door is louder and has a different sound than before then it could be a clear sign that something is amiss and that your garage door is due to routine maintenance and/or lubrication. Squeaking, grinding, or banging sounds may indicate issues with the rollers, springs, or other moving parts. Booking a professional garage door technician to service your door will allow the identification and rectification of these noise-related issues, ensuring smooth and quiet operation.

Uneven movement of the garage door

Watch out for any signs of uneven movement or jerky motion when your garage door is in operation. This could indicate problems with the tracks, rollers, or alignment. An experienced technician can inspect and adjust these components, ensuring that your garage door moves smoothly along its intended path.

Lack of balance of the garage door

An unbalanced garage door puts undue strain on various components, leading to premature wear and potential breakdowns. If your door doesn’t stay in place when partially opened, it could be a sign of balance issues. Professional technicians can adjust the springs and balance your garage door, preventing unnecessary strain on the system.

Vibrating and/or shaking of the door while operating

A shaky or vibrating garage door usually indicates an issue with the tracks (dirt, warping or other obstructions). Eventually, these obstructions will cause wear and tear and will lead to larger problems like your door not closing at all. Identifying these unusual shakes or vibrations at an early stage and getting a professional technician to act on them will prevent any further damage from being caused.

The garage door opens and/or closes on its own

If your garage door exhibits inconsistency in its opening or closing movements, it may be a sign of misaligned sensors or issues with the garage door opener or circuit board. These problems can compromise the security of your property. So, until your garage door gets look at by a professional, it is recommended to avoid using the door. A thorough garage door service made by a professional garage door technician can realign sensors and address opener issues, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

A garage door slow or hard to open

A sluggish or absence of response from your garage door when prompted to open or close is not only inconvenient but also a potential safety concern. Delayed response times may be attributed to issues with the opener, sensors, or even electrical components. Indeed, your door may have become disengaged from the chain/belt or you may have a broken gear. 

In the same sense, if your garage door is suddenly too heavy to open, it may have a broken spring. Torsion springs can only be fixed when the garage door is closed, meaning there’s no safe way to DIY repairs. 

Addressing this promptly through a garage door service can prevent further complications and ensure efficient operation.

Obvious damage

Regular visual inspections are crucial in identifying wear and tear on various components of your garage door. Check for frayed cables, rust on springs,  loose wheels, cracks or warping or any other visibly damaged sections. If you can see a problem, it’s likely to impact the integrity of the door – getting a professional in for the job is the safest idea. A professional service can replace worn-out parts, preventing potential failures and extending the overall lifespan of your garage door.

Not closing properly

If your garage door won’t close, look around for an obstruction that may be causing the door to stop or reverse. If the area is clear and you can’t find anything blocking the door from closing, your door may be out of alignment. Attempting to fix an alignment issue yourself could do further damage, so it’s best to book a service instead.

Notice any of these issues with your garage door?

Notice any of these issues with your garage door?

As soon as you notice any changes in your garage door’s function, don’t hesitate to contact WA Roller Doors for a general service.

At WA Roller Doors, we recommend annual service maintenance for low-cycle garage doors or every 6 months for high-cycle doors. However, if you notice any of the following issues, it’s a good idea to contact us as soon as possible, to avoid further damage. Our highly experienced team of technicians will effectively inspect and repair your garage door.


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