Garage door installation: leave it to the pros

So, you’ve just bought a garage door – do you really need it installed by a technician? The answer is a big yes – garage door installation is deceptively complex and can create headaches for homeowners attempting to DIY. Although it may be tempting to watch a video online and save yourself the expense, anyone other than a professional is bound to run into a variety of problems that will cost more to solve than to have hired someone in the first place.

At WA Roller Doors, we believe that the installation of a garage door is not a DIY job. A garage door is a large moving object made up of many small parts, so its installation is highly technical. WA Roller Doors has the best fitters in Perth – they are highly trained and skilled and can save you from having to deal with the following issues:


Not only are garage doors complex – they’re also dangerous. Someone who claims a garage door “can’t be that hard” to install may not have considered the importance of safety. The doors themselves are heavy, large and awkward to maneuver, and amateurs have often been injured during the installation process. Stories of crushed hands, lost fingers and damaged parts is reason enough to leave it to the experts. Additionally, professionals go through in-depth training and certification in order to work with garage door systems and have safety methods in place, always testing the equipment before use.


Torsion springs, cables, tracks, motors… you might be surprised by the number of parts that make up a modern garage door. Although YouTube tutorials can make you an expert in many things, garage door installation is not one of them. Garage door experts are highly trained and equipped with the necessary skills, tools and problem-solving abilities to deal with any on-site obstacles. These people are professionals – it only looks easy because they have years of experience behind them. Additionally, most installations involve working with electricity – something better to leave to a qualified technician. Hiring a professional will not only save you time and frustration but also means you can rest easy knowing the job has been done properly.

brick house with garage door


While most garage doors come with a warranty, attempting to DIY the installation may actually invalidate your future claims. Garage door warranties often specify professional installation – if you take the job on yourself and something goes wrong, most manufacturers won’t reimburse you or cover the replacement costs. With lack of experience comes a higher chance of mistake – do you really want to risk incurring those expenses? Hiring a professional eliminates the chance of losing your warranty.


Your garage door’s been installed – now what? Like any other piece of equipment, garage doors need safety and maintenance checks. Hiring a professional to install your door means you already have a technician on hand who knows the original job details – instead of researching or asking around for a contractor, you can just call and book a service. It’s not always clear when your garage door needs repairing or replacement but typical issues like reversing direction, slow movement or weird noises are good indicators. Leaving a service too long could cause larger issues in the future – an expert will not only identify any issues but also has the knowledge to fix them in a safe and efficient manner. 

Need help installing your garage door?

Opting for a professional installation ensures your new garage door will be set up properly, giving you peace of mind and saving you time. If you’re looking to buy, install or service your garage door, get in touch with one of our friendly experts today.


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