Lightweight VS. heavy industrial roller doors

One of the most common questions we get asked by our commercial clients is, “should I buy lightweight or heavy weight industrial roller doors?” It’s an important question that deserves the time to be answered. Here, we unpack the two options and help you decide which one’s best for your needs.

Lightweight industrial doors

Lightweight industrial doors deliver the best of both worlds, offering strength and durability as well as smooth and quiet operations.


  • Made from tough and trustworthy materials
  • Discrete and low volume operations
  • Efficient and functional movement
  • Withstands strong wind rates
  • Reliable and consistent springs
  • Long lasting durability
  • Bottom weatherseal
  • Economical
  • Select from motorised or manual operations
  • Choice of various colours and sizes
  • Servicing and repairs available from WA Roller Doors

When you need lightweight

Lightweight industrial doors are a popular choice for warehouses, garages, workshops and commercial settings. If you’re using your garage often you might want to consider lightweight industrial doors for ease of use. 

Heavy Industrial Doors

Available for both small and large projects, heavy industrial doors are a great choice if you’re looking for extra protection, durability and strength. As the name suggests, heavy industrial doors are… heavier! Often made from high grade materials to offer premium protection and durability, heavyweight doors are an excellent choice for industrial environments.


    • Premium grade materials that are built to last
    • Strong and sturdy motors and chains
    • Reliable and consistent movement
    • Sturdy body that can withstand tough winds and weather conditions
    • Bottom weatherseal
    • Long-lasting 
    • Choice of motorised or manual adjustments
    • Variety of colours and materials to choose from
    • WA Roller Doors offer all repairs and services for all heavyweight industrial doors

When you need heavy weight industrial doors

Heavyweight industrial doors are popular choices amongst mine sites, construction environments, workshops and warehouses. Those who choose heavyweight industrial doors require extra protection from the environment. If your area is prone to unexpected climatic disturbances or you can predict the industrial doors will encounter harsh conditions or you need the highest level of security, we recommend choosing heavyweight industrial doors for your premises. 

Which one’s best for you

There are advantages and disadvantages to both lightweight and heavy weight industrial doors. The type you choose will depend on what you’re using the garage doors for, how often you’re using them, the weather conditions the industrial doors will experience and other factors that might impact the strength of the doors. Ultimately, as the customer you need to consider the various factors and determine which is going to fit your needs best. 

WA Roller Doors offer a wide range of commercial industrial roller doors and roller shutters. Our roller doors are only made from tried and trusted materials, delivering the very best product. Installed by our expert team, when you work with WA Roller Doors you feel confident knowing you’ve got the very best roller doors in the Australian market.


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