Enhance Your Workplace Industrial Door Security  


Enhancing your workplace industrial door security is essential in making sure your workplace is safe and protected. 

Security can vary in many forms. From alarms and CCTV footage to sensor lights. Although these forms of security are important, the most effective form of security is ensuring that your workplace industrial door is strong and reliable. 

For most businesses, the industrial garage door is the main entry point – making it a target for burglars. To make sure your workplace is protected, follow our recommendations here and discover where you can improve your workplace industrial door security. 

This is the second article in our series on garage door security. If you’re looking for advice on your home garage door security see here

Strong materials

The best place to start with securing your business is by investing in a strong and reliable industrial garage door. If your garage door looks weak, flimsy and can be pushed in or lifted up by burglars – your workplace is at risk of break-ins. However, if your business’ industrial door is strong, there’s a low chance the thieves will even consider breaking into your premises. 

When choosing your business’ roller door, choose a commercial, industrial roller door. These garage doors are durable, functional, secure and built to withstand frequent use and prevent theft. 

At WA Roller Doors, we provide a wide selection of industrial roller doors that are manufactured to the highest standard using traditional B&D R2I Profile. When you choose an industrial roller door from our team here at WA Roller Doors, you can rest knowing that your business will be protected with the best materials on the market. 


Along with choosing high quality materials for your industrial garage door, you want to invest in the installation. The installation is as important as the industrial garage door materials. You can choose a premium product however, if it’s installed incorrectly there could be installation errors that thieves spot. 

WA Roller Doors is dedicated to providing optimal service every step of the way. From helping you choose the correct industrial roller door for your commercial application, to the installation of your industrial roller door and to the ongoing servicing months and years from now. When you purchase from WA Roller Doors, you’re making a great investment in your business. 

Making sure your industrial garage door is installed properly for your commercial purposes is essential in deterring burglars from targeting your business. 

Installation Industrial Roller Door

Alarms & CCTV

Regardless of where your workplace is located, what industry your business is in or, what kind of building your team operates in – it’s vital that you have a security system in place. 

According to the AFP Police 70% of burglaries happen at night, when no one is suspected to be on site. When there’s additional security such as alarms, CCTV footage and sensor lights – it adds life to the building and makes the thief aware they’re being watched. 

Results of alarm systems, CCTV footage and sensor lights vary yet, overall they do reduce the risk of crime and/or help with the investigation if a break in occurs.

Where to start

Industrial Roller Shutters

If you’re looking to increase your workplace security, the best place to start is with your industrial roller door

How your business exterior appears to criminals is going to play the biggest part in criminal activity. When the industrial roller door is damaged, broken or made from a weak material it becomes a tempting entryway for thieves. 

Stop burglars breaking into your workplace with a strong, sturdy and reliable industrial roller door from WA Roller Doors. 

Contact our team to find out more information. 


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