How To Maintain Your Industrial Roller Doors

For many businesses, warehouses and sites the industrial roller doors are used just as much as the front entrance door. Industrial roller doors are an integral part of the building and withstand a great deal of use. Although industrial roller doors are incredibly durable and long lasting, it’s always a good idea to practice basic safety and maintenance to maintain the quality of your roller doors.

You might be surprised, but maintaining your industrial roller doors is easier than it sounds. Read further to learn how to keep your roller doors in premium condition.

Roller door motors

For motorised industrial roller doors, it’s vital to maintain the quality of the motor to increase the life of your roller doors . A roller door can’t ‘roll’ without it’s motor so it’s important to inspect the roller door motor on a regular basis.

Our team at WA Roller Doors specialise in the supply and installation of commercial and residential motors. Our range of commercial motors are high performing, durable and long lasting. Installed by our expert team, your motor is guaranteed to last a long time.

We recommend servicing your motors yearly, to maintain the commercial motor’s performance. If you’re unsure when you last serviced your motor, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Book in your Perth motor service with our team today.

Regular servicing

Here at WA Roller Doors we recommend getting your industrial roller doors serviced at least once each year after the initial installation. Maintaining a yearly service will ensure your industrial roller doors are performing optimally. Even when your doors are performing as good as when they were first installed, it’s always a good idea to book in one of our WA Roller Door experts for an inspection.

It’s also recommended to complete regular checks yourself. If you notice a peculiarity in your roller door’s performance, test out the door’s main functions and see how the industrial roller doors respond. This could include slowly pressing each button on your remote (for motorised industrial roller doors) as well as closely inspecting the materials of the roller doors. You will find the industrial roller doors are incredibly strong and durable and will not result in much change. If you do notice an alteration in the industrial roller doors, contact our team of specialists.


Industrial roller doors play an important role in maintaining the aesthetics of your warehouse, workshop or business residence so it’s important to make sure your garage doors are clean. Maintaining cleanliness will remove the build up dirt, grease and other corrosive substances.

You can clean your garage door by using a high quality car shampoo and a bucket of warm water. Grab a clean rag or industrial sponge and soak it in the bucket of warm water mixed with car shampoo. Wipe the garage door down and watch as the impurities fall away. You can also use a duster to gently remove the dirt and dust that might attach to the sides of the roller doors. You can also use a polish to complete the cleaning process of your industrial roller doors.

It’s best to maintain this cleaning regiment every 2 months. You’ll be surprised how quick the industrial roller doors get dirty especially if they’re situated close to work sites.

roller door cleaning

Need help?

If you’re unsure on how exactly to treat your industrial roller doors, speak to our WA Roller Doors team. Depending on the materials of the roller doors, what you use the roller doors for and how often you use them might change how you should maintain the roller doors. Consult with our specialists for more information.


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