Top 5 Benefits of Industrial Roller Shutters

If you’re a business owner and looking for a garage door solution, industrial roller shutters are your best option. A practical addition to any business, these shutters are easy to use and maintain, giving you the peace of mind to know your assets are safe and protected from thieves, bad weather and more. Used in the past solely for security purposes, modern roller shutters are now available in stylish and attractive designs, meaning a recent increase in popularity. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the main advantages behind industrial roller shutters. 

Safety and Security

Built from strong and durable materials, industrial shutters add both safety and security to your property. Modern shutter doors come with safety features to increase protection of both users and other pedestrians. Not only does an industrial roller shutter improve safety, but can also act as a visible deterrent to thieves, guaranteeing peace of mind. Popular among retail stores and warehousing units, industrial shutters are a great option when looking for protection. 


In addition to providing high levels of security, industrial roller shutters are also able to provide an extra layer of privacy for your business. Keep them down to prevent others peeking into your property or to signal you don’t want to be disturbed. Alternatively, keep them fully rolled up when you need an unobstructed view or entrance. Your industrial shutter can be custom designed to ensure your privacy needs are met.

Industrial roller doors

Protection (weather, fire)

Resistant to wind, rain and more, a well installed and maintained roller shutter door can provide any required protection against the harsh Australian elements. In addition to preventing exterior damage, industrial shutters also offer internal protection as they keep both heat and cold out. These doors also provide protection against fire, able to prevent blazes from spreading further. All you have to do is close your shutters and leave the rest up to your door! However, don’t forget that the level of protection will depend upon the materials used and quality of the door.


Value for money

Industrial roller doors have great long term value, as they are energy saving, easy to maintain and highly secure. Although roller shutters may seem like a large investment in the short term, a properly maintained industrial door will last for many years, keeping your business safe. These doors also come with high quality seals that ensure temperatures stay consistent and minimise heating/cooling costs. This cost efficient option will save you money in the long run.

Easy to use

A common myth about roller shutters is that they’re heavy and hard to open. However, most industrial roller shutter doors are power operated, making opening and closing incredibly straightforward. As long as your roller shutter is well maintained and properly serviced, it will be quick and easy to use!

Ready to buy an Industrial Roller Door?

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