Why you should replace your garage door this summer

If you’re looking to increase curb value, safety and security, you may be considering a garage door replacement. There are plenty of reasons to replace your garage door at any time, but one season is better than most: summer! Here at WA Roller Doors, we’ve put together our top reasons why you should consider a summer purchase:

Summer holiday safety

Summertime brings summer holidays! With the great weather and time off school, your family is likely to be spending more time outside, moving in and out of your garage. In order to prevent any accidents, you’ll want a garage door that’s functional, safe and secure – so why not consider upgrading? Old garage doors aren’t just unattractive, but can also be hazardous. By choosing a replacement garage door, you can increase your curb appeal and stay safe, as most new garage doors have a sensor and automatic reversal system which prevents the door from closing on something underneath.

Temperature control

When summer arrives, so does the heat, meaning your garage could become a hotbox. Gaps in your current garage door around panels or the side can often occur from poor installation or just general use, allowing hot air in during the summer. This will often mean larger energy bills in order to keep your house cool in summer. Upgrading to a new garage door means better temperature regulation, which in turn means lowered energy costs, saving you money in the long run. You could even consider investing in an insulated garage door for increased temperature control.


If a new garage door isn’t in the cards for this year, consider doing a bit of upkeep instead! Summer brings blue skies and fair weather, making it easier to make quick repairs or replacements to your garage door without having to worry about wind and rain. At WA Roller Doors we provide both high quality and cost effective garage doors and excellent maintenance solutions – book your service today!

Convinced yet?

Make this summer a cool one with a new garage door! Still not sure if you need a replacement? Check out our previous blog article on when to replace your garage door or browse our wide range of sectional doors. Alternatively, feel free to contact our friendly staff on (08) 9285 0333 or via our website for a personalised quote.


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