Choosing the right garage door colour

Thinking of buying a new garage door and can’t decide what colour to go with? WA Roller Doors is here to help.

Choosing a colour for your garage door may seem like a quick and easy decision, but it’s surprisingly hard. Colour plays a highly significant role in aesthetics and has a large impact on how your house appears overall. With well maintained garage doors lasting up to 20 years, the last thing you want is to choose a colour you’ll eventually regret. The type of garage door you choose may also affect your decision, as colour options differ between roller and sectional doors. 

To solve your colour dilemmas, we’ve put together a brief guide of everything you need to know about garage door colour choices. There are many factors to consider when choosing your garage door such as:

House facade

Walls and roof

Your house exterior has a large impact on your final colour choice, as your garage door should ideally complement the rest of your property. The right colour should bring an element of contrast to your house without being too jarring, i.e., grey and white. One option is to coordinate your garage door with your roof, however this will strongly impact the overall aesthetic of your house. 

Style and architecture

Specific colours may work better than others depending on the architectural style of your house. A grey, black or a timber door would work well with a modern home and a white or cream would be a great fit for a more traditional house.

Windows, doors and trim

A good rule of thumb is to coordinate your garage door colour with your window trimming to tie everything together. If your windows, doors and trim all use the same or similar colours, think about choosing a colour that blends well with these features. 

Garden and driveway

Make sure to consider your driveway before settling on a colour for your garage door. Our advice? Aim for a mild contrast between the door and the drive for continuity. You could also coordinate your garage door to suit your garden – a more neutral colour choice would suit a garden made up of vibrant flowers. Alternatively, a bolder colour for the door may break up a very green garden.

Colour theory

If you’re looking for a bold colour to showcase your garage door and convey personality, consider a bright red. Darker colours like black and chocolate brown can add a sense of sophistication to your garage door whereas more neutral colours like cream, beige and grey can blend well with the rest of your house.


For certain locations, climate is the most important factor to consider when choosing colour. In high temperature environments, the sun can wash out light colours and heat up dark colours rapidly – try using more neutral colours like brown or cream. The right garage door colour can result in better regulation of your garage temperature.


  • Avoid mixing too many colours – stick with 3 shades or less for better coordination.
  • When you can’t decide…simple is the best! Stick with neutral colours like white, grey or brown.
  • If you’re concerned about curb appeal or reselling, play it safe and go with a timeless colour.
  • Consider Colorbond instead of paint for less long term maintenance.

Regardless of whether you’re doing your old door up or buying a new one, it’s always a good idea to get a professional opinion. Here at WA Roller Doors, we can take you from design to installation and advise you on the best options for your circumstances. Our experts not only give great design and colour advice but can also explain the benefits and suitability of certain features. If you’re still unsure about which colour to choose or want some more information, contact us to discuss your options. 


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