5 steps to clean your garage door

Cast your mind back to your garage doors’ last clean – was it a bit more than a while ago? 

Cleaning your garage door may not be high on your priority list, but it should be. Garage door upkeep is often overlooked, but just like your car it needs continuous care and maintenance. Washing your garage door regularly can protect its finish, preserve its lifespan and increase curb appeal. Twice a year is more than enough to keep the rust at bay and everything shiny – while you’re at it, you can inspect your door up close and look for any potential maintenance issues. Read on for everything you need to know about cleaning your garage door the right way.


  • Hose: just your normal garden hose is perfect – using a pressure washer may chip off your paint!
  • Brush/broom: to brush off the dust and cobwebs.
  • Soap/cleaner: make sure to use a mild detergent like a dishwasher or car soap and avoid bleach.
  • Sponge or cloth: avoid damaging your door with a rough, dirty or sandy sponge and use a non-abrasive one instead. 
  • Step ladder/stool: instead of straining to reach the top of your garage door, stay safe and use a ladder!
  • Wax: just like a car, garage doors should be waxed after cleaning to protect the finish and repel dirt – make sure to use liquid wax.

How to

STEP 1 – Brush and rinse 

Using your brush or broom, gently remove all the debris off your door. Next, pre-rinse with a hose so you don’t end up rubbing more dirt into the surface later.

STEP 2 – Soap it up

Soak your cloth or sponge in warm, soapy water and get started! Make sure to use a ladder to reach the top of your garage door. If you notice any oil stains or marks that won’t come off, try scrubbing the spots with a diluted bleach solution. Take care to avoid accidentally washing the door opener!

STEP 3 – Hose down and dry

Rinse the soap off your door – make sure you get all the suds off, as dried soap can affect the paint if left. As you go, double check to see any spots you may have missed. If you’re waxing your garage door, it’s a good idea to dry it with a clean cloth or chamois beforehand.

STEP 4 – Wax on, wax off

If you have a metal garage door, adding a coat of wax is a great way to bring back its shine. Make sure to start from the top and work your way down and use some elbow grease to apply the polish properly. 

STEP 5 – Tracks and stripping

Don’t forget to clean the tracks too! Use a brush or wet cloth to get rid of the dirt in your garage door tracks to avoid door jams or derailing in the future. Also make sure to lubricate your stripping with a silicone-based lubricant once cleaned to prevent cracking. 


Found some issues while cleaning or just reckon it’s time for a new door? Contact our friendly team here at WA Roller Doors for all your garage door needs! For more info on common garage door issues, visit our website or this article.


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