Garage door damage: how it occurs and how to prevent it

Garage door damage can occur from a variety of causes, from not paying enough attention when backing your car out to factors outside of your control like weather or break ins. Unfortunately, damage can get in the way of a functioning garage door so avoiding it is a good idea. Read on to learn about the common causes of garage door damage and how to prevent them:

Vehicle damage

Both garage doors and cars are expensive items so causing damage to either is less than ideal. However, accidents happen and human error is, well…human! We get plenty of calls a year about garage door impacts – the damage is often due to small things like forgetting about roof racks or tow balls. It’s a good idea to fix any dents or warping as soon as possible, as further damage like rusting, paint peeling or poor function can occur if left too long. To steer clear of issues make sure to have your door professionally installed and test the safety features. You can also employ DIY solutions like a chalk line or hanging a piece of cork to mark the right position for your car.

Weather damage

Garage doors are designed to be weather resistant, but sometimes even the best garage doors can’t stand up to mother nature. Intense rain, storms, wind or sun exposure can degrade the quality of your garage door and often cause future issues. Additionally, older garage doors may already have minor issues that are made worse by bad weather conditions. Weather damage can be prevented by a variety of solutions such as door reinforcements, proper sealing, new weather stripping, drain installation and just inspecting your door for any cracks, dents or holes.

Vandalism/break ins

Garage door security isn’t always seen as a priority, but it should be. From vandalism to robbery, garage doors are often seen as easy targets and quick entry points into your house. Painting over graffiti or repairing damaged doors can be costly, however these expenses can be avoided by following security tips. Secure your garage against intruders by using a keychain remote opener, double checking locks, closing doors all the way, constant maintenance and more. 


General wear and tear

Sometimes garage door damage creeps up on you – it could be something small like a worn seal or old motor, but if left unchecked can become a larger problem. The key to avoid these issues lies in catching them early, through regular door inspections and maintenance. Damage can also be minimised by removing obstacles obstructing the door and keeping the door clean. For more information about maintenance, visit our repairs and services page or check out this article

Garage door damaged?

Whether it’s an accident from your car, the weather, vandalism or wear and tear, WA Roller Doors is here to help. If your garage door is damaged or just needs some maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us on (08) 9285 0333 or via our website to book a service.


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